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4th project meeting

On 5 December 2012 we held the 4th project meeting in Szeged. The most interesting part of the meeting was the demonstration of the prototype of the coverage measurement. SZTE-DSE presented coverage measurement on an Android mobile phone with LAN connection and a simple calculator application. We were able to monitor what methods of the application are executed. As UNS-FTN brought a target device to us, we set up coverage measurement on the device too, and we were happy to see that it worked. We had encountered some bugs, but basically it worked. Of course, we will have to integrate this with the other modules (like selection plug-in).

There were one more interesting decision on this meeting: We decided to hold a CIRENE workshop on the Danube IT conference, on 30 or 31 of May, 2013, where we can present our results achieved in the CIRENE project, and (being a workshop) we will probably get useful feedback on them.


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