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In the beginning of the project, we conducted a survey of needs of different ICT companies working with embedded systems. In parallel, different publications on embedded system testing were collected, selected, analyzed and compared to assess the state-of-the-art and state-of-the-practice, the findings were collected in an embedded systems testing survey.

The next step was the definition of a general testing methodology for embedded systems. It consisted of two parts, a functional testing methodology describing a general, non-hardware specific methodology for testing, and a software and hardware analysis methodology that completes the general methodology and tells what parts of it can be implemented in the presence of specific hardware/software elements.

Finally, as a pilot implementation we specialized the methodology for an Android-based Set Top Box and designed the pilot test system architecture.

At the end of the project we created a research agenda containing research topics that can be the base of future research cooperation, EU project proposal, MSc and PhD topics, and possibilities to use the results in education.

Survey of needs

Embedded systems testing survey

Functional testing methodology

Software and hardware analysis methodology

Specialized methodology for Android-based Set Top Box

Pilot test system architecture

Research agenda


The pilot implementation has several parts. To perform code coverage measurement, we created an instrumenter toolchain that prepares (inserts instructions using our instrumenter tool) and installs Android applications and measurement environment (a coverage measurement Android service) on the Set Top Box. Then the chosen test automation tool (RT-Executor) is extended by coverage collection and test selection and prioritization functionalities. We also made a standalone coverage viewer client to demonstrate that coverage values can be queried by different clients and a separate traceability calculator tool that helps in the determination of requirements-code traceability links. The whole testing process of this pilot environment can be managed from a single GUI that drives the user through the technical steps of the testing process in this special environment.

CIRENE pilot testing environment main GUI

Instrumenter toolchain

Instrumenter tool

Coverage measurement Android service

Coverage collection plugin

Selection and prioritization plugin

Standalone coverage viewer client

Traceability calculator



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