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2nd project meeting and final workshop

On 27 April 2012 we held the second project meeting and the final (4th) workshop of the project in Szeged. The two events were not separated in time. We discussed administrative issues of closing the first period, and based on the previous and this last workshop, we draw a high level structure of the methodology and its pilot implementation. The base concept is that we combine black-box and white-box testing methods, more precisely, measure coverage on the device, process this information and perform different tasks (test selection, new test case generation, etc) to improve the black-box testing. The target device of the pilot implementation has also been selected: it is an Android-based Set-Top-Box device, and we focus on testing the android applications executed on this device.

As it was the final workshop we shortly summarized the information content exchanged between SZTE-DSE and UNS-FTN during the workshops: embedded systems in general, Digital TV/Set Top Box devices, black-box tesing of STB devices, Android devices, Android architecture and features, UNS-FTN self-made tools for black-box testing, general concepts and terms of testing, general black-box and white-box techniques, test selection and prioritization, program instrumentation, traceability, USZ-DSE self-made tools for coverage measurement and test selection.


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